Putain de merde Freud…..

Quelle est la différence entre la peur et l’angoisse…tes pilule du bonheur!????????



24 octobre 2021 à 0h30

We are a group of scientists from MIT, have taught artificial intelligence with 100% accuracy to determine altcoins that will increase in price by at least 15,000%.
At the beginning of this year, with the help of our trained AI, we identified 5 altcoins and invested $ 30 in them, and as a result, we earned $ 5,750,000 in 5 months.
5 days ago, our AI identified 18 more new altcoins that will grow by at least 15,000% each. And we decided to put this list of altcoins up for sale …

27 octobre 2021 à 14h57

Blague de geek…Oh, Oh..for thangiving!

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